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NetSketch is the #1 compound growth calculator. Visualize your growth in an instant with no limit on the number of assets, growth rates or deposits.

Compound growth is the 8th wonder of the world

- Albert Einstein

Compound growth, or interest on interest, is a powerful financial concept that can turn $500 monthly investments into millions. No shady strategies involved, just simple math.

NetSketch is built around calculating compound growth: add your assets and growth rates and see how your portfolio grows over time.

⚡️ Model your assets at light speed!

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NetSketch makes it very easy for me to model and project my monthly investments. It visualises my financial goals and keeps me committed to them.

Easily input your assets in just a handful of clicks: get feedback on your compound growth instantly. NetSketch is optimised for both desktop and mobile, so you can simulate on the go.

Effortless tracking

Pay once, access forever

NetSketch offers no subscriptions: pay once, get lifetime access.


Lifetime access

Lifetime access to NetSketch, the #1 financial growth tracker. 50% off with code LAUNCH50!

Unlimited portfolios
Unlimited assets per portfolio
Unlimited deposists per asset
One time investments
Recurring investments
Local currency support
No more spreadsheets
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No more endless fiddling with compounding calculations and recurring investments. NetSketch is a simple tool to understand how much to invest to achieve your personal financial growth targets

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👋 Hi there, I'm Mick

Thank you for considering NetSketch!

I'm a software engineer at a trading firm and I built NetSketch in my (quite limited) free time.

I've tried many solutions to track the growth of my assets. However, I never found one that was intuitive.

Hence, I solved this problem for myself, and am now sharing my solution with the world.

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